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TYP, DIMENSION. Jatoba Prima, 26 x 155 mm. Jatoba Prima, 26 x 205  Hardwood-trall I Ipé, Cumarú, Jatoba, Tali, Teak och Termoask. HØRNING erbjuder olika typer av trall, antingen traditionellt lagd med trallskruv. Hardwood-trall I  Överliggare/handledare i exklusiv Jatoba. Se mere af Kärnsund Wood Link AB på Facebook Överliggare i det vackra och hållbara träslaget Jatoba. Kronan på verket.

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Solely because of the Jatoba fretboard. I have no problem with Asian guitars. They are all I can afford on my teacher salary. I’m more than happy with what is coming out of Korea and elsewhere. Rivaling much of the stuff coming from Gibson. Density: heavy wood with density at 12% moisture content of 890 kg/m3 and green density of 1240 kg/m3.

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Comments: Jatoba is an excellent choice where strength, durability and moderate pricing is required. It is an excellent turning wood, and it stains, glues and finishes well. It continues to grow in popularity with acoustic guitar luthiers for its bright, well-rounded tonal spectrum, plus (despite its dense nature) it responds very well to steam Above: Fireplace mantel built by Rob Pelc using Jatoba (Brazilian Cherry).

Jatoba wood

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Wood Vendors supplies rough lumber, s2s, s4s dimensional lumber as well as custom moulding and panels. Call Tom or Pat at 877.983.6367 with your Jatoba questions. Jatoba is an endangered wood that tends to come out of areas in the Amazon that are heavily logged. FSC certification ensures the woods are harvested in the most sustainable way possible, giving you beautiful floors while maintaining the integrity of the environment it comes from.

Jatoba wood

Notice the small amount of sapwood on the Brazilian Cherry logs. Hymenaea courbaril, the courbaril or West Indian locust, is a tree common in the Caribbean, Central America, and South America.It is a hardwood that is used for furniture, flooring, and decoration.Its hard fruit pods have edible dry pulp surrounding the seeds. Its … 2018-09-06 2016-04-21 Jatoba (Hymenaea courbaril) The wood has high density and, when planing, it can be machined to a smooth surface. The wood is easy to glue, and finish satisfactory; steam-bending properties comparable to … Jatoba Wood. Regardless of what you call it or how you use it, Jatoba can be summed up as a highly durable hardwood with beautiful natural color. It is readily available for a wide range of applications from exterior siding and decking to interior flooring and trim.
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Nova USA Wood Products LLC. 3821 24th Ave, Forest Grove, OR 97116.

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Although it has Cherry in its name, the wood has little in common with the domestic cherries aside from its color. Brazilian Cherry, also known as Jatoba, is a hard, heavy, and strong wood. Brazilian Cherry is … 2014-07-15 Jatoba earned its nickname -- "Brazilian Cherry" -- from flooring manufacturers, as its natural color can often resemble the look of aged Cherry wood (medium to dark reddish-brown). Its resistance to rot and bug damage and excellent strength-to-weight ratio make it suitable for a variety of indoor and outdoor applications, although its density and typically interlocked grains can make it Jatobá may refer to: .

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If you compare Jatoba to Western Red Cedar (Janka 330) or Pressure-Treated Pine (690), both species commonly used for decking, Jatoba comes out far ahead — far, as in 4 to 8 times as hard! Really, Jatoba is harder than you’d ever need your decking wood to be. Stiffness Jatoba Wood. Jatoba Wood Lumber is best known as “Brazilian Cherry” Lumber in the hardwood flooring industry. Jatoba Wood Lumber’s other uses include handles and other applications where good shock resistance is needed, steam-bent parts, flooring, turnery, furniture and cabinet work, railroad cross-ties tree-nails, gear cogs, wheel rims, and other specialty items. 1,839 jatoba wood products are offered for sale by suppliers on, of which logs accounts for 1%.